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Air Distance: Calculate the Straight Line Distance Between Two Places

Discover Air Distance, a convenient Android application developed by Kashew Developers. This free app, categorized under Travel & Navigation and subcategory Maps & GPS, allows you to easily measure the distance between two locations in a straight line.

The user-friendly interface of Air Distance makes it effortless to use. Simply select two places on the map, and the app will calculate the air distance between them, providing the measurement in either kilometers or miles. Utilizing GPS technology, the app ensures accurate distance calculations for the chosen locations. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to switch between metric and imperial systems for measurement.

Air Distance is an open-source application, with its source code available on Github. It proves to be a valuable tool for travelers seeking to determine the straight line distance between two places. However, it does not provide route or navigation directions between the selected points. Nonetheless, Air Distance remains a handy resource for anyone in need of calculating air distances.

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